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Privacy Policy

Clutha Heritage is a digital community archive which focuses on community-generated content both in historic and contemporary contexts. You may discover images of you at public events or in public places. This definition from the Summary Offences Act 1981 is often cited in other legislation: "public place means a place that, at any material time, is open to or is being used by the public, whether free or on payment of a charge, and whether any owner or occupier of the place is lawfully entitled to exclude or eject any person from that place; and includes any aircraft, hovercraft, ship or ferry or other vessel, train, or vehicle carrying or available to carry passengers for reward." 


If you discover an image of yourself on Clutha Heritage that you are not comfortable with, please contact our Community Heritage Coordinator Tiffany Jenks at and she will remove it for you. 


When you sign up to Clutha Heritage, we collect information from you including:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Interactions with us
  • Usage of the Clutha Heritage site
  • Community Contributions and any personal information included in this process (i.e., anything you upload, tag or comment on


We collect this information to:

  • Register you on the Clutha Heritage site
  • Send our registered users any information related to the Clutha Heritage site (i.e., updates)
  • Communicate with you relating to your use of the Clutha Heritage site (i.e., we may be interested to learn more about your upload)
  • Moderate and make publicly available Community Contributions to Clutha Heritage
  • Record and make available information including Community Contributions, copyright and licensing status, stories, recollections, research on Clutha Heritage


We may also collect information about how you engage with the site so that we can make improvements, understand how people use the site, see what people like most etc. This data will help us better understand the needs and wants of our community.


Please be aware that anything you include when creating a Community Contribution will be publicly available on the Clutha Heritage site. These Contributions must comply with NZ Copyright Laws, our Community Contribution Rules, and are subject to moderation.


If you have any concerns, please contact our Community Heritage Coordinator Tiffany Jenks at