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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved/What if I need help uploading or digitising?

We have ‘how to’ guides to teach you how to upload content to Clutha Heritage. If you would like uploading and digisitation training to take place in your community, please get in touch with our Community Heritage Coordinator Tiffany Jenks at


Who administers the site?

Tiffany Jenks is our Community Heritage Coordinator. You can contact her on 022 012 7653 or via email


I don’t have any digisitation equipment, how can I upload my stories?

Our Community Heritage Coordinator has equipment including a flatbed scanner with an automatic document feeder, camera equipment, oral history recording equipment, and equipment to transfer data from old technology such as cassettes, VHS, and CD-ROM onto computers which can then be transferred onto USB. We can bring this equipment to your community, please get in touch with our Community Heritage Coordinator about arranging this at


What content can be uploaded onto Clutha Heritage?

The content on this site can be uploaded by anyone and we encourage the community to explore, discover and share their knowledge. The subject of stories can be whatever you wish – stories of people, place, organisations, events etc. Content can be both historic and contemporary. Documenting the district as it is today, is a reference for generations of Clutha District people in the future. On Clutha Heritage you can share photographs including photographs of 3D objects, documents, audio content such as oral histories, and videos.


Can I add more information to a record or suggest a change?

Yes – you can add a comment by pushing the ‘recollection’ button or tag a place or person by pushing the ‘tag’ button. Both can be found in the left tool bar of a record. You can also ‘suggest an edit’ which can be found to the left of a record, or you can contact the Community Heritage Coordinator at


Who and how will people use the content I upload?

Researchers are most likely to use the Clutha Heritage content – school children studying their district, genealogists looking into their history, expats looking to reminisce about their hometown, academic researchers, council policy makers and planners, university academics, tourists… anyone with an interest in the heritage of our district.


Can I become a volunteer?

Yes – volunteers can play several roles in the project. If you want to volunteer please get in touch with our Community Heritage Coordinator Tiffany Jenks at


How is Clutha Heritage Funded?

The Clutha Heritage Project has been established using New Zealand Library Partnership Programme funding (NZLPP). This funding has become available through the covid response funding the government has given to support libraries throughout New Zealand and is administered via the National Library. This funding has allowed the Clutha District Libraries to set up the Clutha Heritage site, fund all the necessary digitisation equipment, and create a year contract to employ a Community Heritage Coordinator to run the project.


What happens when the NZLPP funding stops?

Long-term funding is reliant on community engagement and support for inclusion in future funding.


How do I provide feedback?

Your feedback is essential to the continuation and improvement of Clutha Heritage. You can send both positive or constructive feedback to the Community Heritage Coordinator, Tiffany Jenks at or if you wish to remain anonymous you can drop into your local library for a short feedback slip.


If you have any further questions, please get in contact with Tiffany Jenks our Community Heritage Coordinator at