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Copyright Terms and Conditions

Clutha Heritage encourages open access to all material shared on this site. In uploading material to Clutha Heritage, you agree to the reuse of your content via the copyright status of ‘No known Copyright’ or a ‘CCBY’ Creative Commons License.


What is copyright?

Copyright is a law which protects creativity of individuals. Copyright belongs to the person who created an item not to the person who owns it. You cannot create a new copyright by simply scanning an item.


What is a CCBY Creative Commons License?

A CCBY Creative Commons License allows anyone to reuse images that remain in copyright under the condition they attribute the source.


How do I know something is out of copyright?

Photograph taken prior to 1945 = Date of creation + 50 years.

This means that anything taken prior to 1945 is out of copyright as of 1995.

Photograph taken after 1945 = Life of photographer + 50 years.

This means if the photographer died over 50 years ago then the photograph is out of copyright.

3D mass produced object more than 50 made = Date of design creation + 16 years.

This means that most historic 3D objects are out of copyright including homemade items made from a pattern.

3D mass produced object with artistic craftsmanship = Date of design + 25 years.

These are items such as china/pottery which have artist patterns on them. Most historic items which fit this category are out of copyright.

Crown Record prior to 1945 = Date of creation + 50 years.

Crown records in NZ usually refer to government or council records.

Crown Records after 1945 = Date of creation + 100 years.

This means that any government or council records created after 1945 are still in copyright.

Artistic Creation including art, literature, music etc = Life of creator + 50 years.

You will likely need to seek permission from the copyright holder who will be the artist or their estate.

Orphan Work = This is when you do not know anything about who created the item

In this case you may upload the item in acknowledgement that you may be required to take it down if the copyright holder is identified and wishes it to be removed from the site.