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Jutland Flat Stream Driven Dredge Photograph, Balclutha Railway Station Photograph, North Balclutha from Undeveloped RosebankPhotograph, Aerial of Third Balclutha Bridge with Second BridgePhotographic Postcard, John Street BalcluthaKaihiku School Nov 1935Young folk socialising at the 1968 Warepa & Kaihiku Schools Jubilee functionUnidentified Group at the 1928 Warepa School Reunion Cr. Ivor Saunders Supervises ConstructionStudents Pay Tribute Lawrence ANZAC Day 2023Setting Up a Pipeline Johanna Lewis with Grandchildren

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Chairman A.S. ClarkConstruction of Countdown BalcluthaDavid Robertson and Paul Eason Lions 50thSomerville Transport WoolFencing at the Pick & Shovel Hut, Lake MahinerangiBeaumont School Dunedin CampPhotograph, Aerial of Balclutha in Flood Robin Miller addresses crowd outside Sam Chew Lain TombFooting Pads, West Otago Community CentreBalclutha Mitre 1017 Ossain St, MiltonPhotograph, SS Clutha during Bridge ConstructionWarepa School 1970Beaumont Bridge OpeningCr. R. WoodBob Cousins Tuapeka West School Reunion Tree PlantingMilton Hospital Elderly Residents, 1960sMilton Water TowerSquash Court East Walls, West Otago Community Centre15 Burns St, MiltonBessie Allison World War One AlbumSarah Taylor with Three of her Children Rillstone Boys, Waipori Lifting Wall Panels, West Otago Community Centre Waihola House, Beacon StreetSamuel Stewart Gare Waihola Saturday Night Dance 1950s?Papatowai Fire Brigade Unidentified FireSod Hut, Waipori GoldfieldsSummer at Kaka Point, 1960s Fr O'Leary Funeral Procession 1916'Somerset' MoneymoreLawrence Jaycee Charter of AffiliationPhotograph, Balclutha Discounter 2017Main Verandah, West Otago Community Centre Tokomairiro A&P show 2020Warepa Busy Bees Just a ShackMong Descendant Unveils Sam Yek Mong MemorialJohn Cousins Born Scotland 1852 & Margaret Cousins (nee Ferguson) Second wife wed 1883Fred William KnightLawrence Jaycees RibbonBlack Horse Brewery Employees 1900Milton Brick WorkersCousins Family Photo CollectionKaitangata Boys at Lingalonga Camp, Kaka Point 1912Samantha Hayes Lawrence Lions Club 50thLawrence Jaycee Rooster PinCrowd listens to speakers at Kiosk Unveiling Bobby McKerrow with Betty Ellis


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